News and Important Information

Water Rates

The City Council recently approved rate increases for water and wastewater utility services. The new rates are needed primarily to fund major reconstruction, ensure the City can properly maintain these utility systems, meet Federal and State clean water regulations, and provide a sufficient supply of clean water for all Louisville residents and businesses. 

If you have questions about your utility account, please call (303)-335-4501. 

Please see click HERE to view the new rates. 

Dumpsters & Recycling
There have been numerous times that large items have been left beside the dumpsters instead of being placed inside of them.  Any time that this happens, a special pickup must be arranged at additional cost to the HOA.  If you have large items that will not fit into the dumpsters please contact Alpine Waste and Recycling at (303)-744-9881.  Waste Connections requires payment from the homeowner at the time of pickup.

Please remember that certain items require special disposal such as automotive oil, paint, refrigerators, computers, and air conditioner units, just to name a few.  These are considered Hazardous Materials and may not be placed in the dumpsters.  Please call Eco-Cycle at 303-444-6634 or Unwanted Appliances at 888-886-9268.
Late Dues and Violations